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​초대 강사

Rockin' & Swingin' Festival 2023을 빛내줄 강사진을 소개합니다.


The Hotshots

let us introduce the main instructor of Rockin’ & Swingin’ Festival 2023 (15~20th August, 2023). The name is ….[Drum Roll].... ‘The Hot Shots’ (Used to be called The Harlem Hot Shots).

The Hot Shots is a professional swing dance performance team established in 2002 and they are what represents Sweden. They covered all dances during the swing era including Lindy Hop, Tap, Black Bottom, Acrobatic etc. even they bring Song and Comedy to dances.  


Rockin’ & Swingin’ Festival 2023 Full pass registration will be opened on 18th May. 

Please check out your schedule and we will be back with ‘The Hot Shots” in August ! See you then. 

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