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Rockin' & Swingin' Festival

Rockin' & Swingin' Festival is a swing dance event that started in 2016.

We aim to introduce various genres in swing dance, such as Boogie Woogie and Shag, to everyone in the Korean and Asian swing communities.

While providing a variety of professional events and respecting the history of Korean swing,

We want to contribute to the development of domestic swing dance.

Digital art exhibit


Rockin' & Swingin' Festival Show is a show made up of performances by invited instructors from around the world and Korea's top swing dancers.

It will be an RSF Show where they will show a lot of inspiration and passion through their performances on stage as artists rather than on the jury.


The RSF party has been hosted by a variety of live bands.  True to the name of 'Rockin' & Swinin', we aim for a party where you can have fun.

The heat of the hot party leading up to the after-party! Feel it together.



RSF offers classes in various genres along with Lindy Hop. If you experience and fall in love with various genres such as Boogie Woogie and Shag, which you rarely have a chance to learn in Korea, you will be able to enjoy a richer swing life.


RSF also loves the heat of competition.

We hope that you can show off the skills you have accumulated so far with a fair judging conducted by domestic and foreign champions.

We are waiting for you to fill the stage.

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