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RSF 2023 Schedule

Rockin’ & Swingin’ Festival 2023

will be held in Seoul for five days from 15th to 20th August.


1. Party

4 days of parties during the RSF event

Starting this year, You can enjoy [ Late Night Party ] on Friday & Saturday!

2. Workshop

3 different types of workshops will be held for 9 hours.

[Subject: Communication, Hot Shots Training, Authentic Jazz ]

3. Swing Train

Public performance in the theater is scheduled with Sweden Swing jazz group [ The Hot Shots & Hornsgatan Ramblers - 12 members] & top Korean dancers. You can fully enjoy their performances in perfect sound and lighting. We promise this will be entirely different with watching performances in normal swing bars!

Full pass holders can have opportunities of 50% discount and advance tickets for row R (1 ticket only for holder)


4. After Party

After finishing all the events of RSF 2023 on 23rd August, we will have an official after party in another place! Full Pass holders are free to enter


5. Boogie Week

For those who miss the absence of Boogie Woogie workshops this year. Surprise! We’re planning [ Jeremy & Melanie’s boogie workshop ] in July. Full pass holders will have first priority to register workshops ahead of others. Then workshops will be opened to the public.

Registration of RSF 2023 Full Pass with full benefits will be active at 2 p.m.(KST) 18th May.

More detailed information for each event will be updated in order before the registration day.


Workshop Schedule

There are 3 kinds of track in the workshop.


The first track is ‘communication track’, you can learn ways to communicate with your partner and can gain an attitude for basic & rhythm which can make your social more enjoyable.


The second track is ‘The Hot Shots Track’, you need to register together with a partner. The Hot Shots members will teach their knowhow with this vintage track. This is a symbolic track of RSF.


The third one is ‘Authentic Jazz Track’. This is not just teaching solo jazz, but you’ll be learning some vintage moves and how to control your body when dancing solo.

You can only choose 1 track.

Party Schedule



We will update as detailed schedules are added.

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